Welcome on the website of the Pal Tubten Shedrup Ling Center!

The Association is a public, non-profit organisation established for the following sole object:

• Organize teachings, seminars, courses, conferences about the ancient schools of Tibetan Buddhism (mainly Nyingmapa), and therefore invite Buddhist teachers from abroad.
• Organize Buddhist retreats where the Buddhist teaching and philosophy will be practiced.
• Promote the learning and practice of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy by any way, for example by publishing books, newsletters etc. on any median.
• Promote cultural exchange between South African and Tibetan culture.
• Establish one or more schools, retreat centers, temples, monasteries, cultural centers in Africa.
• Work together with any other Buddhist organization to get recognition of Buddhism as a major religion in South Africa and any other African country. (Buddhism is the third most important religion in the world in terms of followers)

Tibetan Buddhism attract more and more people everywhere in the world and in South Africa too.

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